Hilmark Boats, Boat builder of Wooden Boats, Row Boats, Yacht Tenders, and Row Boat Accessories.

Elegant, handcrafted wooden boats, tyee rowboats,
daysailers, and row boat accessories, built in
Campbell River on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.
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A Hilmark Boat will most definitely turn heads. She's not just a boat, but a functional work of art. So grab your oars, hoist the sails and turn back time ...

Hilmark Boats is proud to offer boats based on the original wooden boats design off the vintage "Tyee Row Boat", used throughout the 1900's in Campbell River, BC. Canada.   Hilmark Boats continues a fine tradition of Wooden Boat Building, featuring Canadian Pacific North West Coast Wood. The original Tyee wooden boats were built by Ned Painter from the 1920's until 1932 and then again in the 1950's            View video

Hilmark Boats offers high quality, handcrafted, traditional wooden boats including the Tyee Row Boat, the beautiful Campbell River Classic Row Boat, as well as new traditionally designed wooden lapstrake boats.

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Reviving traditional wood boat-building in Campbell River BC.

      Boat Builder, Wooden Boats, Row Boats, Yacht Tenders, and Row Boat Accessories - Drawing of the Rhodes Wherry - a fine wooden boat used for rowing or sailing.

Every Hilmark Boat Includes:
  • planked with old growth western red cedar over frames of your choice in oak or yellow cedar
  • the balance of wood used to be chosen from Mahogany, Sapele, Oak or Yellow Cedar
  • copper and bronze fasteners
  • brass or bronze tow ring and keel strip
  • removable floor boards with brass or bronze fasteners
  • one set of finished oars.
  • Custom paint finished as requested.

We Guarantee Absolute Quality

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        New Product Information:

In 2001 Hilmark Boats. reintroduced the traditional all wood handmade row boat built in Campbell River from 1918 to 1952. During the past nine years we have had many requests to copy our boat and produce it in fibreglass.

Hilmark Boats. contracted a production facility whose staff has 87 years combined experience in building fibreglass boats.

As of this month we will be adding to our line of boats a 14'4" fibreglass row boat.  These boats will be trimmed in either mahogany, sapele, douglas fir or yellow cedar with one rowing station and oars.

Selling price for this Fibreglass model will be $6,990.00 Canadian

View Fibreglass Boat Gallery Here

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Welcome to our Website! Hilford Burton - Proprietor of Hilmark Wooden Boats

Hi, I'm Hilford Burton, President of Hilmark Boats. Welcome to our website. We are proud of the quality of boats we build and I encourage you to look through our website and catch a glimpse of what we produce. If you are looking for a quality, handcrafted wooden boat, something you could be truly proud of, give us a call. I look forward to helping you realize your dream. Enjoy!

  ...Hilford Burton, President