Glued Lap Construction
ISBN 0-924947-12-8

Glued Lap Construction was written for those who preferred glued lap to traditional mechanically fastened lapstrake construction. It turned out to have wider ranging applications. Truth be told, a lot of this information is useful for other traditional small craft designs you might like to build using the glued lap construction method. It's a small book, but the explanations are detailed and there are large illustrations on every other page. Text and drawings detail everything from the layout of a laminated keel through fastening the after end of the guard rail. There is even an explanation of altering the length of a design to suit your needs. The table of contents is arranged by paragraph as well as chapter to make locating details simple and direct.

Chapters include...

Glued Lap Construction
38 pages and 23 charts and illustrations.

About the photos...

The boat featured in both photos is a Duck Trap Wherry, the very same one in fact, that took a blue ribbon at the Wooden Boat Show in Mystic, Ct in '97. In the top photo she rests on the shore of Duck Trap Cove; above right photo taken about two weeks earlier. Lines are traditional and her construction is glued lapstrake (of course). Aside from the absence of ribs there is no difference in appearance between glued lap and traditional versions. There is a substantial difference in weight. At 14' overall and planked with 6mm Okoume marine grade plywood, her finished weight is 84 pounds, built traditionally she would weigh nearly twice as much.